Tuesday, 10 June 2014

High Tea Cupcakes

A while back I baked cupcakes for a mini high tea work function. I had just recently bought some amazingly cool cupcake holders and so this seemed the perfect time to christen them.

I baked my trusty Red Velvet Cupcakes and my basic Vanilla Cupcakes. I baked them in the tea cups as they are made from silicone, however next time I think I will grease them better to ensure they can be eaten easier. Unfortunately they stuck to the sides and so people had to almost scoop the cupcake out with a spoon or pop it inside out and risk the cupcake going on a mini flight! This was my first time baking with silicone, so Im not sure if its always like this or not. Feel free to post in the comment box below and tell me your positive and negative experiences with silicone cupcake cases.

I made a basic butter cream frosting and tinted it pink and purple and then simply decorated them with an assortments of flowers, cashous and sprinkles. The frosting was piped with my trusty and favourite Wilton tip 1M. Such a simple and easy to use tip, if you havent used it before I highly recommend you grab one and try it out for your next batch of cupcakes :)

And there you have it, some basic, yet fancy High Tea Cupcakes!

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