Sunday, 27 July 2014

Kettlebell cake!

Last week was my brother’s birthday and so he put forth a special request for this birthday cake, he wanted it in the shape of a kettlebell and for it to be piñata style so that when you cut it open smarties and maltesers come gushing out.  Easy right? Haha
At first I had thought I would just bake a Giant Cupcake using my silicone mould then shape it accordingly into the kettlebell shape and simply cut out a ‘hole’ between the handle and the top of the weight. But then I thought the handle won’t be too sturdy as it will only be made from cake. My next thought was to just make the actual shape of the kettlebell weight from the cake and find something else to make the handle from. Then another thought, there must be ball shaped cake tins right? Of course! So I sourced the ball cake tins and used that instead.

That covered the weight part of the kettlebell but I had no idea how I was going to do the handle part. I google it to hopefully gain some inspiration but it seems most people used rice krispy treats or something like that, wasn’t really something I was too keen to try, so I just figured I would make it from fondant.

So I consulted my cookbooks shelf and pulled out this book.

And found this recipe …

I had all the ingredients in the cupboard and it looked relatively easy, and it was! It turned out really well, the tins were perfect, they rose slightly, but I was able to cut the tops of to make them flat in order to put them together to make the ball shape of the weight.

I also cut the bottom to make that a little flat so that it was more sturdy and kettlebells have flat bottoms too. Then I took a small bit off the front too as that was where I was going to put the weight number, or in this case, my brothers age.
So once all put together, I covered it in buttercream frosting, blue as was requested by the birthday boy.

Then onto the fondant handle.

I split my fondant up into 3 parts, 2 for the side bits of the handle and 1 slightly longer part for the top of the handle. Then I simply rolled them into thick sausages. Oh I almost forgot, I coloured the fondant blue first of course, to match the frosting colour.

Once each piece was rolled and to the size that matched my ‘weight’ I slid a bit of wooden dowel (kebab sticks) into each bit as that was how I was going to stick it into the cake. My local kitchen supplies shop had recommended getting cake wire and using that, but they were out of stock and the place they recommended closed before I could get to it, so I just used the kebab sticks instead. So I shoved them in to each piece, then gently molded the two top bit of the handle to the two side bits of the handle and laid it down flat to set overnight. I really should have done this on the weekend and given it more time to set, but I didn’t quite plan that far ahead :(

Looking back in hindsight it might have been better to have just done one long roll of fondant, then curved/bent it into the handle shape instead of doing the three parts then having to mold them back together. At least I will know for next time J
So I coloured a bit of the fondant black and used stencils to cut out the numbers 3 and 4 and stuck them on the flat part at the front. Then I had a little bit left over so I made a few little mini weights and dumbbells to have next to the cake.

Cakes aren’t really my speciality, but this once seemed to turn out pretty good. I definitely need more practise with working with fondant though, but nonetheless, it was fun :)

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